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Can PET Thermoformed Containers Be Accommodated in the Existing PET Bottle Stream?

PET is the most sustainable plastic material for thermoformed containers. With the market for PET thermoformed containers rapidly growing, its compatibility with the existing PET bottle recycling stream is becoming an increasingly important issue. Thermoformed PET containers have their own physical property characteristics which complicate their capability of being blended with PET bottle bales. Failure to deal with these characteristics can cause yield losses and quality problems. Sheet and thermoformed container manufacturers, reclaimers and recycling equipment companies agree that it will take work to make PET thermoformed containers transparent in the existing PET bottle recycling system. ... more »  

Oxygen Barrier Critical to Flavor and Microbiological Stability of Beverages in PET Containers

Oxygen barrier enhanced PET container technologies available on market today are capable of suppressing microbiological growth in beverages. The results are comparable to when the beverages are packaged in glass bottles.

This is the conclusion of a study recently carried out at the VLB Berlin (Germany). Details of the study will be presented during the NOVA-PACK 2012 Conference on PET Containers for Food & Beverages on June 7-8 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. ... more »  

Adhesive Labels Compatible with Recycling of PET Thermoforms

Thermoformed PET containers have rapidly emerged as a growth market. Recycling of PET thermoforms can be problematic, especially when pressure sensitive adhesive paper labels are attached. When the labeled PET thermoforms are ground into flake early in the recycling process, some of the adhesive and label facestock remains attached to the PET substrate. Incomplete separation from the PET flake during the caustic washing process adversely affects the quality of the recycled PET. ... more »  

Challenges of Commercializing First Wide Mouth PET Jars With 2-Year Shelf Life

In bringing to market the first wide mouth PET jars capable of a 2-year shelf life, Graham Packaging Company invested two years of research to understand the challenges of container commercialization.

The company will use the NOVA-PAC K 2012 Conference on PET Containers for Food & Beverages as a platform to review the results of a two year study of methodologies to maximize shelf-life, utilizing various barrier materials and processes. The 1½ day conference will take place on June 7-8, 2012 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, USA (just minutes from Washington, DC). ... more »  

Biobased Barrier Coatings in Thermoformed
Food Packaging Applications

Thermoformed multilayer structures with high oxygen barrier properties are commonly used in extended shelf life food packaging. A commonly used barrier polymer is ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) which provides high oxygen barrier properties when incorporated in multilayer structures. However, such multilayer structures can cause problems in recycling. In addition to that, the polymer is neither renewable nor biodegradable. ... more »  

Nova-Pack 2012 Conference Program
Focuses on Key Issues Facing PET Industry

Over the past several years the PET industry has undergone consolidation and reconfiguration. Factors which brought this about this transition include lightweighting and reduced resin consumption for bottled water packaging and increasing maturity in markets such as carbonated soft drinks. This comes at a time when the economy is slowly emerging from the longest-running downturn since the Great Depression and weak consumer spending persists. ... more »  

Nova-Pack 2012 Program Details Now Available

A number of the topics scheduled to be presented at Nova-Pack 2012, The 28th International Conference on PET Containers for Food & Beverages, have been posted on the conference website The 1½ day program will take place June 7-8 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Planned are sessions on recycling, barrier performance, equipment & processing innovations, packaging of functional beverages, biobased PET and market & business issues. ... more »